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    I posted this same question a few minutes ago (though I didn't realize I wasn't logged in at the time). For some reason, the thread was closed. I'll quickly address the one reply and then re-ask my original question.

    Reply :
    After hearing it so many times I have decided to swear off ever driving and texting again. I have kids, and although I've never been in an accident in my entire life, and I'm sure they're very safe, the Internet has changed my mind.

    That being said, I do still text while I jog so I could still use an answer to the question below.

    You know, for jogging.

    Not driving.

    (for all the polite posters out there, I don't mean to make light of the issue, just trying to address the trolls and social justice warriors so as to stay on topic)

    Question :
    I'm going to try and explain this as clearly as I can and you're more than welcome to redirect me to another thread, if there is one.

    Here's my issue; I would like to look for a swype alternative for many reasons (themes, better text prediction, less buggy) but one thing keeps me from doing so. Whenever you type a word in swype, if it's wrong, you simply tap the swype key (which highlights the entire word) and then you can choose a different word suggestion, delete the entire word with one click, or simply replace it by swiping a new word.

    Are there any alternatives with a similar way to quickly replace or re-swipe the word? Some try and give this functionality through a long press but that is too difficult to achieve without looking at the screen to see when the long press has taken effect (and is therefore not very useful if jogging or otherwise using your eyes). It also causes the copy/paste functionality to appear.

    SwiftKey gets close to what I'm looking for, allowing you to click on a previously typed word and choose a different suggestion. But if none of the suggestions are correct, you must once again long press the backspace to delete the word.

    I feel that this functionality is absolutely essential since the keyboard prediction is often wrong, or I simply change my mind about the word I wanted.

    I hope that my question is sufficiently clear. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    (fyi-please, no comments on texting and driving. We all have strong opinions but that's not the topic here)
    04-18-2017 07:45 AM
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    If I was a little harsh earlier, it might be because I literally went to a funeral today and a wake yesterday for a member who was killed by someone not paying attention while driving. So this part:

    (fyi-please, no comments on texting and driving. We all have strong opinions but that's not the topic here)
    This is what I had, and still have a problem with. I mean, the first post literally did say "not very useful if driving" and I'd add that there are no "opinions" about texting while driving. People who do that are scumbags. It literally kills people. Distracted driving isn't funny, it's not a thing there's a debate about. Everyone knows it is wrong and that it is dangerous. Sure, our laws are currently a joke about it - that hopefully will change. But for the time being, every single person driving with a phone in their hand, as far as I am concerned, is determined to intentionally attack my friends and my kids with their car. And so yeah, my response to that is going to be a little harsh. Some people tend to react violently to people who threaten those they love with violence. Texting while driving is no different from pointing a gun at their faces.
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    04-18-2017 01:29 PM
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    Well, there's no doubt that statistics, by their very nature, do not apply to everyone. So while they may make us want to call someone a scumbag, they actually mean nothing definitive on an individual scale.

    That being said, I think your feelings are totally understandable and it was harsh of me to respond with sarcasm. There's nothing funny about people getting hurt and you're right, there's no opinion needed when asking if distracted driving causes some drivers to harm others. I was simply trying not to get into this very debate. About if any driver can text safely. About whether or not it should be legal. About the morality, dignity, anger, and disrespect people show to one another when talking about the topic.

    I just wanted to ask a question about swype keyboard alternatives. Yet, surprise, here we are on the edge of a moral debate before ever even addressing the software issue. Thanks again internet. I clearly used the wrong example to explain my question
    04-18-2017 02:05 PM
  4. Aquila's Avatar
    Right, I guess the example is the deal breaker. Because regardless of the intent of the question, what this read to some of us as was, "hey, I really hope to soon be able to kill your friends and family. Are there app recommendations you can give me to make that easier?" The answer to that is, "no". There is no way to avoid the morality part of that question, because it implies that we should encourage, or at least accept, the reckless endangerment of innocent people. The answer to that is also, "no". Good luck in your search; I don't think Android Central is the place to find whatever you're looking for.
    04-18-2017 02:55 PM

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