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    My tabs vanished. I was playing some app game that opened a tab in "Internet" (before it instantly closed and shifted to Play Store) to download some other app. This happens often, even when not asking. However, this time, when I went to reopen "Internet", instead of my tabs reloading in, only 6 did. Prior experience with unloaded tabs taught me to just wait a bit, but as I did nothing happened. I wasn't at the 50 limit and I had just closed one (yes, just 1) pop up tab just a minute prior and all was well. However, the next time it opened the browser this happened. Can I recover them? I don't remember all of the urls and "History" won't have them. Some were important and bookmarking or "save page" wouldn't have helped as it wasn't just a page per tabs, but the pages (via forward & back buttons) some of them were keeping. Even getting back 4 of the tabs behind the ones that remained, would be great.
    04-19-2017 06:11 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! If it's not in the History, then I doubt you can recover them. In the future, consider using Chrome instead, because your browsing history will sync to your Google account.
    04-19-2017 04:18 PM

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