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    My daughter uses my phone for games and iplayer kids but sometimes find her watching odd stuff on youtube
    04-21-2017 08:40 AM
  2. bmhillegass87's Avatar

    It's awesome that you want to be careful about what your child sees! I can certainly appreciate that!

    What I recommend since you have a Galaxy S7 is the Kids mode app. It can be found under the "Galaxy Essentials Widget" that comes with the device (if its not on your screen you just need to hold your finger on a screen and pin that particular widget).

    Once you tap on that Galaxy Essentials widget you'll see a list of downloadable apps. You'll want to select the Kids mode app.

    Kids mode is actually pretty simple to set up. You put in a pin, create a profile, etc...The really nice part is it loads all the apps on the device and you can pick and choose exactly which ones you want them to access. To exit kid mode you just tap the exit door in the bottom right corner and type in the pin you set which will take you back to your regular home screen.

    If this seems like a little too much, the YouTube app actually has a setting built in. When you open YouTube in the top right corner you'll find the settings (3 dots stacked) > Settings > General >Restricted mode settings- you'll want to make sure this is turned on! This should filter out most of the inappropriate stuff. As it mentions though, its not perfect.

    There are 3rd party apps out there that lock apps and the like, but i'm not a huge fan of installing those for security/system stability reasons.
    04-21-2017 09:55 AM

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