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    Unlike the majority of the world, I don't have a Bluetooth in my car because I personally don't think it's safe to talk or text while driving. I have the talk to me while driving mode set up only for emergencies, to use Google maps or other Google options. I never reply to calls or texts I receive because I'm driving and I truly believe that this is all people on the roads should be focusing on. My issue is that when I use Google maps my phone automatically locks. My question is if anyone out there knows a way to keep my Moto play from locking automatically when I have the driving mode turned on or how I can get it to stay unlocked until I choose to lock it myself? I'm unable to check the route it's taking me on or use my Google voice if need be for some reason or another without having to look at my phone and unlock it. It appears to me that the only way I can use any of the Android Google options is to be forced to take my eyes of the road and be distracted?Considering that everyone else on the road seems to be distracted by their phones and drive like maniacs. I think that at least some body besides me should be paying attention in order to keep everyone safe and alive?? I feel so strongly about this because I recently lost a friend due to a distracted driver who was texting. I only hope that Android has taken this issue into consideration and that somebody on this site has an answer for me and perhaps others. Thank you for your time.
    04-21-2017 02:28 PM
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    Try this:

    1. Turn on Developer Options by going to Settings>About Phone and tapping Build Number 7 times.
    2. Go to the Settings>Developer Options menu, and turn on the Stay Awake option. This will prevent the screen from sleeping as long as the phone is charging.
    3. Always keep the phone plugged into your car charger while driving -- this should keep the screen on and prevent it from locking.
    04-21-2017 07:45 PM

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