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    About 6 months ago I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 (Don't ask why) with the ability to connect to the Verizon network if I wanted to. Out of the box it ran Lollipop, rooted. About a month later I got a Verizon contract and they mailed me the SIM card. However, I was only getting 3G. Me being a n00b at the time with Android, I found I wasn't running "Authorized Verizon Frimware" so I used either ODIN or their tool to install the Verizon OS onto the phone. The Verizon OS installed and updated to Marshmallow. Instantly I was able to have 4G LTE and for about a month I was happy with my purchase. However, I soon discovered the limitations of not being rooted when seeing some of my coworkers rooted phones. I began a quest to root my phone, but even though my bootloader is unlocked (checked number on download screen, starts with 15, and through an application) I am unable to root, flash a custom OS or recovery. I am very confused because it seems I am in a very unique situation compared to others.
    04-22-2017 01:49 AM

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