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    us.moldings531hu.pw says I have 4 viruses on my samsung s6 device, but it is only popping up on google chrome. the alert advises to download app lock from the play store. should i click on ok or should I stop using google chrome. How can I start using chrome again. It popped up when I was reading from odb.org devotion. My whole device vibrates anytime i try to open chrome browser.
    04-22-2017 06:00 AM
  2. bmhillegass87's Avatar

    If this "virus alert" is popping up while you are using Chrome on your mobile device these are spam attempts. Do not click or attempt to do anything it says. These tricks will lead to more harm than good. The odb.org site might be fine to browse, but perhaps you accidentally clicked one of the side ads while reading. These will usually spawn the exact type of behavior you described above. When you are on the site causing the issue look in the top right corner of your webpage. There should be a box to the left of a set of 3 dots stacked on each other. Click the small box and it will zoom out slightly giving you ability to "X" out on the site you are on. Never download anything it asks you to.

    If the behavior continues to happen, you may need to look into an alternative browser on the Google Play Store that has adblocking built in.
    04-22-2017 08:05 AM

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