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    Disable/Remove/Eradicate Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy S7

    Once again, I am getting a slide [up] menu on my home screen for something called
    "Samsung Pay".

    I have read numerous discussions in numerous places and every single one of them has wandered off the reservation and provided no resolution.

    My request is simple:

    What I want:

    1) To get rid of it. Read: Not see it, hear from it, or have it show up on my home screen or lock screen or anywhere else.
    What I *do not* want:

    1) Testimonials as to how wonderful "Samsung Pay" is. I don't care if it cures cancer. I would rather pay by being forced to scream out my credit card number in binary digits at the merchant's counter while holding the "chip" between my teeth than grant my mobile *telephone* a direct connection to my credit cards. (See "What I want" section.)

    2) Instructions to "Disable" the application from the application manager. That option does not exist. Thank you, Samsung.

    3) Instructions to "Force Stop" it and clear the cache/data. That does nothing. It will just show up again on reboot.

    4) Instructions to use a third party application to squelch it. I am not installing an application just to get rid of another application.

    5) Instructions to "root" my phone. I am not doing that. Ever.

    6) Instructions to "disable the various options within the application". In order to GET TO those options in the application, it forces you to register ("But you don't have to enter credit card inform..." "I do *not* care!"). I am not creating a "Samsung Account" just so that I can get rid of an application that requires a Samsung Account.

    Given these tremendously strict requirements (/sarc...this shouldn't even be a question or discussion...I should be able to turn off whatever I want...easily), if you would be knowledgeable and kind enough to provide a solution, I would be deeply grateful. Thank you.

    EDIT: I am using a fully updated and patched Samsung Galaxy S7.
    04-22-2017 05:39 PM

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