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    My S5 (Android 6) has suddenly started draining the battery. The phone is only about 18 months old so I don’t think that it is the battery itself. Yesterday when I checked to see what was using the battery I noticed that cell standby had used about 45%. After trying a number of things and leaving it overnight cell standby is now not using any battery. (not showing at all in the battery use.)

    This morning my battery was 100% charged. After a couple of minutes it had used 5% without me opening any apps. After about an hour of searching and trying different fixes the battery is now down to 58% and I have no idea how to stop it draining. I have checked all of the individual apps and nothing seems to be using the battery – Google 3%. The screen is using the most, but I haven’t changed that setting and it is just bright enough for me to read.

    I haven’t downloaded any new apps.

    This is what I have tried:

    Stopped location
    Restricted background data
    Enabled power saving mode (save power on all apps)
    Turned off mobile data (We don’t have reliable signal at home and I thought it might be trying to find a signal)
    Downloaded new updates

    I’m not sure which apps are using notifications but I have turned off the notifications for Facebook.

    I can’t work out how to clear the cache of certain apps. I’ve followed some instructions but can’t see anywhere that has a clear cache button.

    I generally use the phone for searching, checking emails and sending messages and of course phone calls so it isn’t heavily used. I’m not that savvy with the phone but I can follow instructions. I know that the phone must be rooted because I haven’t attempted to change that and I don’t think that I need to.

    Any ideas what else I can try?
    04-22-2017 11:23 PM

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