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    Hello all,

    I'm dealing with a very tricky situation that I would really appreciate your expertise with. I had a Note 5 which I dropped. It had a case and screen protector, which was enough to not crack, but after the fall it was like ink started spreading on the screen... slowly... touch no longer worked either - not by finger... but the Stylus still worked. By the next day the whole screen was pitch black. That's where we're at right now. Everything seems to still work, but the screen. The Stylus still seems to make the screen react too.

    The thing is -- I absolutely 1000% need to get my photos and videos out of that phone, one way or another.

    I did a LOT of research to try and figure it out and I found the following options, based on the (safe) assumption that the LCD is broken.

    1) Buy a new LCD and try to install it myself. From a quick look it seems like one of the hardest phones to replace the LCD on, and the part itself costs around $200. If I do that, I'm out $200, and risk breaking the part during the install.

    2) Pay a service shop to fix the screen. They all ask around $250.

    3) One service shop offered to fix it and let me extract my data, but in return he wants to keep the phone.

    4) Another service shop claims that they can extract the data for $85.

    5) Keep trying to figure out a way to extract the data myself. Things I've tried:
    a) USB connections to PC. No go because it's on charge only.
    b) Samsung KIES - No go due to screen lock (and need to Allow the connection)
    c) SideSync - No go due to the same reasons.
    d) Bought a cable to connect the phone to a TV through HDMI - No go because Note 5 doesn't support MCH.

    I was able to borrow a Note 5 from a nearby shop in an attempt to chart the positions of certain buttons on the screen so that I can attempt to blindly unlock the phone by inputting my PIN.. I did that, and cannot understand why it didn't work (it's a super simple PIN -- 2222) - I must assume that the phone is not on the regular home screen or else it should have worked.

    I come to you to see if you can think or know of any other way to do this. The way I see it, option #3 is my best bet because while I lose the phone, I at least don't spend more money. Spending $250 to fix a phone that is on sale for $280 (and may have other issues that I don't know about since I can't see) seems like a bad idea. And spending $85 also feels silly, since the phone is worth $50 in its current state.

    But I would much rather extract the data myself and keep the phone... you never know when it could come in handy.

    Let me know what you think. I would really appreciate your advice.
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    04-25-2017 02:06 AM

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