1. AC Question's Avatar
    I would like to have the text message alerts every 5 minutes. Any ideas how to set it?
    04-27-2017 06:32 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Yes. Settings... Accessability... Notifications reminders.... Tap on that and set your device up there
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    04-27-2017 08:20 PM
  3. Christine Canzano's Avatar
    I called TMobile about this and Samsung yesterday. I have the setting correctly set to notify me in intervals of 1 minute for missed text messages, missed phone calls and voice mails. I turned the setting off and on. I cleared the saved settings for these apps and then re-did the settings. Nothing works. I get a text message and it only beeps once at me (not in intervals of 1 minute). I changed the interval time to 3 minutes (still does not work). TMobile and Samsung did not know how to fix my problem. My software is all up to date (I just bought the phone on May 12). Samsung suggested it may be from an app I have that might be blocking this. Samsung thinks I should factory reset my phone but I don't want to start all over again. Are there any other ideas? I am using the Always on On Screen with a set schedule time from 6am to 11pm. Also, I have the Lock Screen turned on. Could either one of these things be affecting the notifications? I am using the pre-installed text message app from Samsung. Maybe I should use a different text message app?
    05-17-2017 03:21 PM
  4. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Changing to a different SMS app might help.

    Textra will let you repeat the notifications 1-50 times (two minutes between each).
    05-17-2017 03:58 PM

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