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    I have this lenovo a5000.. actually before everything was screwed up, i first tried to flash a recovery.img to my phone. but i accidentally typed "Fastboot Flash Boot Recovery.img" instead of "Fastboot Flash recovery Recovery.img". after that, i thought everything was okay but when the phone restarted, im stuck in a bootloop where the manufacturer logo shows but it keeps on restarting all over and over again. i supposed to go to recovery mode or fastboot mode but the problem with that is whenever i press the down volume and the power volume. it takes me to a screen where i see three choices of boot options (vol.up for select, Vol. down for execute/confirm) but when i select and confirm a boot option it wouldnt take me there. its like my down volume key is broken but its not.. the down volume key is not functioning. (its kinda similar at this sample i gave)

    Fastboot mode
    Recovery Mode <===
    Normal Mode

    Can anyone please help me, i cant access the fastboot mode nor the recovery mode. Your help will really be appreciated
    04-28-2017 11:41 AM

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