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    I recieved a text from my daughters phone saying " Mom im going to hospital" of course for any mother out there u knew exactly how i felt my heart droped to my stomache and my heart was rasing i replied "wtf ?? Are u ok ? Nevermind im calling your school. They at that time said they werent aware of any hospital trip so they pulled my daughter out of class and she told me her phone was off she couldnt have sent the tex so at this point im relieved that my daughter is ok but now pissed off and scared that someone was able to send a scary tex with my daughters number. Also all of our revious conversations including the one i thought she sent were gone deleted some how ....what should i do i called phone company and they were no help so what do i do ?were we hacked or n error what can i do to find out where the tex came from??
    05-02-2017 01:49 PM
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    There are websites that make it possible to send a text from a linked phone number. It's not easily done without access to the physical phone. Most likely, she sent the text and deleted it - but the alternative is that she or someone holding her phone authorized access to the site through another service and then it was sent via that.
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    05-02-2017 02:58 PM

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