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    Moto Z-Force Android 7.0

    Ok I just got back from a trip. I used the Map app a lot & took a lot of pictures. It just seems like I was getting a lot better battery life when I 1st got the phone in Dec. I know there must be a lot running on the background so I did some research. I followed the instruction to allow developer mode in my setting. I go to settings/ developer options/running services/ & I get a list of what I assume is running in the active pages of the phone & the background. I did it right after a complete restart. I have some issues with the Running Services page.

    #1-I see some apps I don't want to be running & I hit "Stop" just like task manager on a PC. The app disappears from the list but a few minutes to just a few moments its back on the list. These are apps that are definitely not system apps. The are Pandora, iHeart, Facebook, facebook messenger etc..
    Why do they keep coming back even after I stop them in the Running Services list & in the Settings/Apps- force stop? Is there a way to stop them from reactivating themselves?

    #2-I know I have some apps that must be running in the background like ESPN, Fire fan & others because I get sports update notifications on my screen but nothing about ESPN or Fire fan is on the Running Services List. How can that be?

    #3-What are the several "Google Play services" on the list actually doing? I have 3 of them & sometime a 4th comes & goes from the list. Is there anyway to tell what they are doing? I'm afraid to stop anything that says Google in case its a systems thing, but Google Play is just the place you get your apps from, right? Why is it taking up over 120 MB of memory?

    -How do I know or control "Doze" on my android 7.0 system?
    -Any reviews or feedback on apps like Greenify? It came up a lot in my research.
    05-02-2017 10:47 PM
  2. Mr Mendelli's Avatar
    1. These apps have the "WAKE_LOCK" permission which allows them to auto-start/keep running even if the device goes to sleep, and the "RECIEVE_BOOT_COMPLETED" permission that allows them to start as soon as the system does.

    2. These apps are always connected to their corrisponding servers (so long as theres a connection) through a special connection that activates them if the server sends out a notification for them to receive.

    3. I wouldn't tamper with this one. It handles things like the account that is currently signed-into the device.

    4. Greenify is an excellent app for process management. I believe it can be used to freeze packages like bloatware if needed, but I have never tried this myself. Hope this helps.
    05-03-2017 12:52 AM

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