1. AC Question's Avatar
    My s7 edge shut itself down then entered the blue android screen with the green android bot on screen then went blank and in bottom left corner said "erasing". It then procced to erase my phone. Is this a problem with the s7 edge or us there a possibility that someone could have remotely accessed and erased my phone
    05-06-2017 07:04 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! These kinds of things can happen occasionally, if there is some catastrophic firmware glitch. It's unlikely someone remotely accessed your phone, unless (a) you regularly share your Google account/password with anyone, (b) you routinely leave public computers or devices logged into your Google account, or (c) this wasn't your phone originally, and the original owner's account was still on it.
    05-06-2017 09:29 PM

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