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    I am looking for relevant information on how to use URIs in Tasker. Or one of it's plugins like the AutoApps Suite of tools. Or simple scripting to solve my specific use case.

    Details of my specific question and use case:

    I have a Google Sheet that is produced by another app over which I do not have control outside the provided UI. This sheet contains fields with device specific URIs from internal MediaManager (provided by the Android system). This manager returns device specific image URIs, like this:
    Which as far as I understand is a Uniform Resource Identifier and is a string of characters used to identify a resource. So in this case it references a specific image stored locally on my device.
    I have a list of these generated by another app and stored in a Google sheet.

    My goal is to use these URIs to upload those specific images to Google drive, in a specified folder, share the images and return the new shareable download URLs.

    Ultimately I want to setup automation to retrieve the spreadsheet, copy the whole first worksheet to a second worksheet (so the app that generated it can still use it), retrieve URI from the second sheet, upload, share, return URL, replace URI on second sheet with new URL and do (loop) the same for the next URIs in the next columns and rows. The end product will be a spreadsheet with two worksheets, one original from the app that generated it and sheet2 with usable/clickable URLs instead of unusable URIs.

    For now i think my first step is to figure out how to use the device specific URIs as input for the upload.

    I hope this is clear. And I hope someone can help.

    I am a big fan of the AutoApps Suite of tools and Tasker. I have some very basic JavaScript and VBscript knowledge from 17 years ago. I'm just really new to this new stuff.

    If it helps I am using an LGG3 D852 Android 6.0 MM with latest updates of Tasker and AutoApps Suite. All full versions. No root access.
    BUT... I am looking for a universal not device specific solution.

    05-07-2017 02:41 PM

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