1. AC Question's Avatar
    When I bring up OK Google, and ask it to send an email to (name) it insists on trying to send it form G-Mail (which I seldom use). How do I get it to open up the regular email app on the phone?
    05-08-2017 01:43 PM
  2. Jay Sacks's Avatar
    Try OK Google send from (hotmail, Yahoo… etc) an email to: xxxxx and see if that works.
    Or OK google open hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc and send email to: xxxxx and see if that works.
    05-08-2017 01:47 PM
  3. sdrum49's Avatar
    I've tried saying send email from email app, but it still uses Gmail. I've even said "open email app" and it uses Gmail.
    05-08-2017 01:50 PM
  4. Jay Sacks's Avatar
    Starting to feel like Apple.
    05-08-2017 01:58 PM

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