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    When my friends send emojis from an iPhone to my Samsung Galaxy S5, they sometimes show up as a rectangle with an X in them. For example, the cowboy hat emoji. How can I fix this? And I would also like to be able to send these emojis. Is there a way?

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    05-09-2017 08:24 PM
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    some emojis aren't supported by android, while others aren't supported by IOS.
    it's all about the UNICODE version.
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    05-09-2017 09:16 PM
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    There are 845 emoji supported across multiple platforms and 1,620 emoji in the most recent version of the iPhone's operating system, including 150 new emoji hot off the Unicode presses. When Apple users first upgraded to iOS 9, users on stock Android devices (or iPhone users that hadn't updated)*couldn't see any of them. The missing emoji show as blank boxes or sometimes alien boxes on the other end.
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    05-09-2017 09:46 PM
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    Unfortunatley, no. This is likely because you were sent emojis that aren't on, or supported by your device. While emojis are very popular, and span across nearly all social platforms, they still aren't "universal". This is because emojis work in several ways.

    1. Code/image assumption. Entering ( ) is sometimes assumed as () from one end. Some devices, services ect.. detect these as a code for a corrilating emoji, and place an image from a database instead.

    2. Embedded images. A more common type would be what services like facebook have. When you use a facebook emoji, it is pulled from thier list of proprietary emojis that, while other services have, may be different or similar to other emojis. Apple may have their own that are exclusive to their devices.

    3. BBCode emojis. Android Central actually uses this system. When you select an emoji, the server has a database of emojis tied to each of their own code. When you use it is actually represented as "[emoji 1]" (without quotation marks/space) in plain text.

    4. Unicode emojis. These emojis are based off of what started emojis like using colons with parenthesis. Apple supports these, but may still have their own versions of them.

    If your recipeants or you cannot recieve the emojis, than your's, or their device is either older, incompatible, or their MMS or SMS app is not complient with certain emojis or emoji formats.
    05-09-2017 10:13 PM

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