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    I was at school and was planning to use my Android jelly bean 4.1 to look at reference material for anatomy studies. I already had references saves on a micro SD card. Close to 3000 photos of screen shots, real life photos, past sketches plus family photos.
    I pushed the micro SD card into it's slot and immediately went to image gallery... It was deleting every little photo right before my very eyes. Hour of finding references, photos that can't be retaken and past photos of studies. GONE...

    All that was left were two stupid little gifs that I did to test out flipnote 3D. So it did read the SD card but deleted everything without even asking. Thank God it didn't delete the downloaded games on there to! Because I would of lost my self after that!
    05-11-2017 06:53 PM
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    First, power the phone down and remove the card immediately. Then, using a computer, get a recovery program such as PhotoRec ( PhotoRec - Digital Picture and File Recovery - it's free). As long as you don't write to the card, you should be able to recover your pictures.

    Also, check to see if your pictures were moved to internal storage or a cloud service such as Google Photos, there may have been a setting to do so automatically.
    05-13-2017 01:09 AM

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