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    I have an LG Phoenix 2 and I was not expecting an Android 7 update today, I wasn't even expecting to get one ever. But I love new technology so of course, I downloaded. I'm extremely disappointed that LG likes to take out some harmless android 7.0 features and even apply skins to it (why do companies do this so often its frustrating). I don't particularly like the default android 7 notification bar and all it's workings, but LG made it worse to me and made it completely white and flat. I'm OCD (with an actual diagnosis) and this is bothering me to hell and back. I like a normal gray/black. Theres a setting section where I can change themes and the other two are black ones but they're also very unattractive. I don't know how to add themes (LG Smart World isn't compatible with my model apparently). I cant root my phone, theres no system ui tuner (I tried to download one but actually being able to use it used abd which i can't do on my chromebook), other custom notification bar apps are glitchy and buggy, and I dont know what to do. Someone please tell me theres a solution to my madness here. What can I do or wait for?
    05-17-2017 04:56 PM
  2. SirOvan's Avatar
    I got an LG Phoenix 2 as will I just got my 7.0 update today, Black on white driving me crazy, I can't fine system UI Tuner all setting and night mode and user settings and tint settings, Calibrate display settings.

    so far I am not liking this new update.
    06-17-2017 08:01 PM

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