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    ok so i rooted my phone, and accidentally deleted a main system app. Phone wont load past boot screen and if i go to do a hard reset, i get Purple/Pink screen, i did my research and i need to do a Flash Recovery, And the instructions are SIMPLE but theres ONE ISSUE, my phones FIRMWARE is NOLONGER avaliable to download, i cant find it anywhrre on google, or atleast a working one. i called the phone help line and they said my phone is no longer supported by them, I have no clue what to do, i am really good with phones and computers so if someone can tell me what i can do then i will be able to do it, PLEASE and THANKS -- MY PHONE INFO IS: Huawei Cronos U8687 -- Canada Mobilicity...
    05-17-2017 07:28 PM

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