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    My phone was recently SEIZED by the police. I own a rental property, it had been vacant for about 6 months and someone hooked up electricity illegally to it. I was there cleaning, using no power because i knew the power was off and was unaware of the illeagle tap.

    Police storm in with search warrant, i figure they were looking for Marijuana grow opp or meth lab that comes with illeagle electric taps.

    Long story short, ***** police accused this 62yr old fat guy of climbing a 35 ft pole and messing with deadly electricity. LMFAO. Guess i was a little rude and they SIEZED my phone to check my gps. Been a month. I guess they will keep it forever. These keystone cops going thru my private sexting messages mortifies my significant other and i hate it too.
    I've decided NO ONE WILL EVER GET MY PHONE AGAIN. AND IF THEY TRY I WANT AN EMERGENCY DELETE OF ALL DATA GPS, EMAIL. FRY THE F'n PHONE !!! My phone is an extension of my brain and i dont want anyone poking around in my brain. Who does??
    Do we have anything like that?
    Ill pay $$$!!
    05-18-2017 09:18 AM
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    You don't use a PIN or other security on your lock screen?
    05-18-2017 05:29 PM
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    ... Guess i was a little rude and they SIEZED my phone to check my gps. Been a month. I guess they will keep it forever....
    Do we have anything like that?
    Ill pay $$$!!
    There already are tools in your mobile device to secure it. (When you do get your phone back) be sure to enable a good password on the lock screen.
    -- Also, if it isn't already, encrypt your phone's storage memory. Once encrypted all data stored on your phone isn't accessible to prying eyes.
    -- While you're waiting for its return, you should sign into all the online accounts and services that you have set up to autologin on your phone and change your passwords. A lot of services, like your Google account, also have the ability to log out any remote connections, so log your phone out. When you do get it back you'll need to log back in to those accounts using your new passwords.
    -- Another thing to check is Android Device Manager (just recently re-branded as 'Find My Device')
    If it's already enabled you might be able to wipe it now, although if Office Friendly is savvy enough he/she might already have turned off WiFi and mobile data connectivity, negating any attempt on your part to access it remotely.
    05-18-2017 07:39 PM

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