1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi I want to update my interest aqua 4g os 5.0 with 6.0 marshmallow version . Can I do that? If yes how? I want use all cool uses of 6.0.
    In case I can't update my mobile what can do more? Pls also tell me cool stuff I can do on my mobile. thank you...
    05-20-2017 06:19 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    🏻*♂️Have you looked in Settings, About Phone, Software Updates?
    05-20-2017 07:02 AM
  3. James Sumalinog's Avatar
    If you can't update, try root and flash a custom rom.. but it might be hard for you to flash a rom because you(maybe) a beginner. So am i .
    05-20-2017 09:53 AM

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