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    Google now launcher keeps opening (I didn't know this was possible but it appears in my list of apps to close).

    It does this when I try to open links from apps like Facebook and Twitter, and also on some websites just using chrome.

    I have no idea why - it just randomly started doing this.

    When it opens my phone seems to crash. So the links won't actually open or the website crashes. It also kills everything else my phone is doing so other apps stop working such as my music cuts off from Spotify.

    Like I said it started doing this randomly - I didn't change settings as far as I'm aware. It was after an android update but I can't specifically remember when.

    I've tried to reset to factory settings. This solved the problem but only for a few days before it manifested itself again unfortunately. I definitely didn't mess about with settings at that point.

    This issue coincides with my battery life being very poor. Would they be related?

    The only other thing I have done recently is put slightly more data on my SD card. I switched to a 64GB card for music but this killed my battery so I reverted back to a small card which only has about 1GB of photos on. Removing this card completely does not three issue.

    I have a Motorola G4 and had no problems until March 2017.

    The G4 does not allow you to delete Google now or anything like that.

    Any help is appreciated!

    05-24-2017 03:54 AM

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