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    When I transferred my music from my samsung galaxy tab s2 to my tab s3 the artists and songs got mixed up for example the song will be Bad Romance but underneath it it says that the artist is Beyonce. It is making it very difficult to find songs or play by artist because when I put the artist in a totally different album comes up. This is only happening on samsung music and my sd card music but not on Google play or Amazon music. Do I have to delete all of my music and download it again from my computer or is there a way to fix this
    05-26-2017 11:55 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Is the artist and album info coming from the folder names, or is it being read from the tags in the MP3 files?
    If the folder names, are the folder names correct?
    If from the tags, you might need to rebuild or reindex your media library.
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    05-28-2017 12:46 AM

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