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    I sent a phone to my love - we had a big issue and I discovered it was still associated with my Google account in Android Device Manager. I should have done some research for doing this - but on the spur of the moment, clicked "Enable Lock & Erase." There was no options to set a new password or anything like that.

    I believe it is likely that "Allow remote lock and erase" was not turned on - because I could see the same message on my own Galaxy 7 - "enable lock and erase," but after turning on "Allow remote lock and erase" on the phone itself, I now see there are now individual options to "Lock" and "Erase" within Google android manager, for that phone.

    The phone (G5) that was sent the "Enable Lock & Erase" command is asking for a PIN - but the original pin does not work. It also says "Locked By Android Device Manager."

    Anyone have any ideas on what might work to get back into the phone? There are NO options in Google's Android Device Manager to set a new PIN or password for that phone. Or does it now basically need a factory reset?
    05-28-2017 01:05 AM

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