1. AC Question's Avatar
    Issue since doing the latest update. When I take a photo or a few photos and want to look thru them after, I click on the bottom right corner where a tiny preview of my picture is. It used to take me directly to the most recently taken photo but now it takes me every time to a certain video I recorded months ago. Then I have to click thru to the camera roll folder to see my recently taken photo. I cannot see any setting for which folder or automatically opens to from the camera screen. Has anyone else seen this or know how to change it?
    05-30-2017 08:13 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    This seems to be a common complaint with the Gallery app in Android 7.

    The only recommendation I have, still being on Android 6, is to change your gallery app.
    I really like "piktures" by Diune:
    05-31-2017 12:08 AM

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