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    I recently got an LG G6 running Android 7.0 and have a new MacBook Pro.

    I have always used Android File Transfer with no problem with my previous Android phone and once with my LG G6. Then (for reasons I cannot explain) I decided to try LG's proprietary "LG Bridge" software to move some photos onto my phone.

    Long Story short, LG Bridge sucks and I decided to switch back to AFT. Only suddenly AFT doesn't recognize my LG phone and I get the dreaded "No Android Device Connected" error box when I start it up (and yes, I have the G6 set to "File Transfer mode")

    The weird thing is, when I set the G6 to "photo transfer mode", Apple Photos opens up and I can see my G6 as an import drive (I've even imported some photos I took on the G6 into Apple Photos.)

    I have also tried plugging my G6 into my old MacBook Pro and AFT recognized it immediately. I have also plugged my old Android phone into my new MacBook Pro and AFT also recognized that immediately.

    So clearly, LG Bridge did SOMETHING to my MacBook that made it no longer visible to Finder and AFT. I just don't know what.

    I have been with multiple people on both LG and Apple customer support who could not help me. (the LG ***** actually had the gall to tell me, "we do not recommend that people use LG Bridge", and act like that settled the matter - like "yeah we wrecked your phone with our software, but we didn't tell you to USE our software. Not impressed with LG so far).

    I have tried the following to fix this:

    I have run the uninstaller for LG Bridge and restarted my Mac and G6. I have combed through my Mac and removed all the folders LG Bridge created (and restarted both again) I have deleted and re-installed AFT multiple times. I have connected my G6 with USB debugging turned on, turned off and turned sideways.

    The closest thing to helpful anyone has been on this is the top Mac guy I talked to, who suggested that there are probably some phone drivers for LG that LG Bridge took with it when I uninstalled. However, no one at LG was able to suggest what the phone drivers might be or where I might be able to get them.

    From my googling on this situation, I have seen that Samsung had a file transfer program that caused a similar problem. has anyone encountered this and actually solved it? I'm losing hope here.
    06-02-2017 02:56 PM

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