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    I also have two phones, which have different carriers and OS'es (WP and Android). For the longest time, I have used WP (Nokia Lumia 830 on WP 8.1) as my daily driver because I am so comfortable using this OS for normal phone usage (call, text, Here Maps, reading emails using Outlook, using Excel for finance tracking, using OneNote for notes, etc) in contrast with Android phones.

    Now, I am thinking of replacing my Android phone (Meizu MX4) with a better one. What comes to mind is the ZTE Axon 7 or the HTC 10 because I am an audiophile, and the speakers that these phones offer are superb compared to Windows Mobile phones. The HP Elite x3 should have been a great option for me even though it's not an Android phone, but it's already outside of my allotted budget for my secondary phone.

    Now what bugs me is if I'm going to buy a better-specced phone than my Nokia Lumia 830, I might as well use it as my primary driver. BUT as I said, I am very much comfortable on the WP ecosystem that even the lack of apps doesn't hinder me from using it frequently.

    My question is if I'm going to switch to an Android phone as my primary driver, won't I have trouble using it (coming from WP ecosystem)? How could I adapt to the new OS?
    06-03-2017 02:39 AM
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    Welcome to the AC forums. Please create an account so we can better assist you.

    I'm a former WP user since the days of the Zune 30, Zune HD and then the HTC Trophy, Nokia 822, 928, Icon. All of the MS apps are here in Android. There will be a slight learning curve for Android, but it really isn't bad. Learning what a widget and themes or launchers are, will be the newest things to learn. This forum is full of answers to any questions you have. Create an account and then use the Search feature to find the answers to your questions. When that fails, ask away.
    06-03-2017 02:50 AM

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