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    Sprint finally sent me a replacement phone but it's certified pre-owned and I got it on Thursday. I was at a wedding yesterday and taking pictures for maybe 10 minutes at most but I was out in the sun for about 30 minutes, the phone got up to 43c and 111f so I turned it off after taking pictures and put it in my purse and left it off until I got back into air conditioning and turned it back on after it felt cool again. Did this damage my battery and should I be worried? How long does it take for a phone to settle in to it's optimal battery of how long it will last till it needs charged? My phone before that would last 16 hours or more. I got it Thursday so I know Android is still building files, but how long should I wait until factory resetting the phone or returning it? When I got the phone it was at 75% which I know is good. Since I got it on Thursday, battery has lasted at most 14 hours but otherwise 8 to 12 hours, do you all think this phone has a bad battery and when should I factory reset if battery life doesn't improve. I have disabled bloatware with PDP and I use Greenify unrooted, Lux Auto Brightness, Gsam Battery Monitor, and my Android settings are all set to the best battery saving settings, I do use Power Saving Mode I also never let my phone get below 40%. I'm just trying to figure out if the hot temperatures for at most 30 minutes in the sun damaged my battery or phone or if they gave me a phone with a faulty battery. Please help me with all the info you can give. Thank you!
    06-04-2017 01:51 AM

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