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    I bought the lenovo k6 power two months ago and aftr a month various issues have started.. The most recent being a very nagging software issue. Firstly, the pattern display doesnt get displayed and the screen remains as it is(with notifications) in the lock screen mode...so I had to unlock it using my previously saved fingerprint lock.
    Secondly, on every click, the notification bar starts appearing partially(2inches from the top) and aftr 5-6appearances,the clock appears.. So multiple clicks cannot be done(eg- Marshmellow version display when it is clicked multiple times)...mobile data cannot be clicked on from the notification bar above..since it never comes down properly..and when it is turned on using settings, the pop up message(that occurs first time when u click mobile data on) cannot be OKAYed since at that time too, the partial notificatiom bar hinders from doing so.
    Thirdly, the phone cannot be even powered off..there is no response from the phone on clicking either the power off/restart option. Please address it.
    06-05-2017 08:09 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Try wiping the cache partition: LENOVO K6 Power - Recovery Mode - HardReset.info
    06-05-2017 01:51 PM
  3. imajetyhk's Avatar
    Try doing hard reset. It resolves most of the issues.

    To perform a hard reset, Power off the phone and then long press the "Volume UP" button and "Power" button together. This will take you to Recovery mode. Go to "Wipe User Data" and then choose format option and confirm.

    Once done, most of the issues are resolved. Worked for me.
    02-16-2019 06:29 PM

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