1. AC Question's Avatar
    Every time I try do anything apps force close how do I fix
    06-09-2017 11:41 AM
  2. bmhillegass87's Avatar

    Unfortunately, apps close for a variety of reasons. Here is a link to an article that has some easy to understand explanations of why it does happen (albeit the article is a bit dated). They also do mention some basic troubleshooting at the end. If you have additional questions about your device (let me know what you have) i'd be more than happy to jump in and assist!

    06-09-2017 11:48 AM
  3. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    Welcome to the forum. Without knowing anything about which phone and OS you have I can't give you much help. Go to Google and do a search for "how to clear system cache for ..." and put your phone's model number in place of the dots. Follow those instructions and see if that helps. If not you may want to take your phone to your carrier's store and see if they can help.

    If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Android Central.
    06-09-2017 11:50 AM

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