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    I bought a brand new S7 edge back in spring time of 2016.

    I was on the Tmobile network (bought it from their store).

    Long story short, I decided to sell the phone on eBay. I simply reset the phone to original mfg specifications and shipped it to the winner of the eBay auction.

    A few days later I get an angry email stating the phone was "locked" and he needed to enter the Google username and password.

    So I tried to remove the phone from my Google account and am not sure if it worked.

    Long story short, eBay forced me to refund the guy and accept the phone back.

    I now have a bricked S7 thanks to this draconian "security policy".

    I do not remember the username/password of the Google account that I originally used.

    Can anyone tell me how to reset my phone without hacking it or jail breaking or whatever?

    Or do I have to find an attorney because Samsung? Google? Android? is now holding the legally purchased phone I bought, hostage.
    06-09-2017 03:06 PM

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