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    We are at the end of our holiday and I had saved all photos and videos to the SD card. Yesterday there was an error when I would click to view the photos from the SD file (the photo would turn grey with an exclamation mark). Today the SD card file is missing from the photo album and when you view the SD card in the storage settings it is empty.
    I am devistated. We've spent all our savings on this holiday and I have no photos or videos of it.
    Is it possible to recover the photos?
    It's a brand new phone and during the set up inserting my simcard during the set up I noticed that the sim card would keep popping out of the tray. I had to remove my sim while overseas (I don't need it while away) just so the SD card could fit without popping out too.
    I have removed the SD card and tried acessing the photos on a second device but no luck.
    Thank you in advance for any advice
    06-12-2017 03:23 AM

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