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    Incoming Viber calls seem to turn on Bluetooth and WiWi, which I usually have off as I cannot use them at my house. Then the phone develops a life of its own, sometimes it freezes and will not respond to anything but at other times it flashes screens on and off then freezes. sometimes it turns the flashlight on and at other times has turned cellular data off. I really have one screwed up phone and none of this happened in pre Viber days.

    Trying to power off and reboot becomes impossible. I usually resolve by putting the phone down and coming back an hour later when I can reboot. I am at the point of buying a new phone but will be scared to install Viber on it in case this all happens again. Is this a known problem with Viber or is it because my phone was a cheap one or have I just been very unlucky (PS I installed Viber to see my new grandson who is in another state and is really cute.) So I will need an app that allows me to see him. If not Viber what?
    06-13-2017 10:22 PM
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    If you find Viber to be a problem, try going into your phone's Settings >> Application manager, find and open the Viber app in the list, tap the 'Force stop' button and then the 'Clear cache' button. Now restart the Viber app and go into its Settings menu, there will be a lot of options you can adjust to suit your needs and make it less intrusive into your phone's resources.

    If Viber continues to be problematic, you can just uninstall it -- in your App manager tap the 'Force stop' button, then the 'Clear data' button, and then the 'Uninstall' button. (Using the 'Clear data' button will wipe the app's config setting and its cache, completely removing the app.)

    Maybe take a look at Google Duo as an alternative, it's more of a single-purpose video calling app than Viber and it's also available in iOS if your grandson's parents are iPhone users.
    Another popular alternative is Skype, but like Viber it's more of a multi-feature app that does more than just video phone calling. Again, if its default features are too much for your needs, be sure to go into Skype's Settings menu to customize it to your liking.
    06-14-2017 11:10 AM

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