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    I got Galaxy S8 and are changeing operator and thus got a new sim-card. I had all contacts available with my Tele2-sim, but not with my new 3 sim. I have a SD-card. How can I move my contacts to my SD or internal memory?
    06-19-2017 02:38 AM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    I don't believe the S8 (or any Android device) even has the option to store contacts on a SIM anymore, the amount of storage on SIM cards is VERY limited.

    Are you saying that after swapping the SIM card you contacts are gone? Can you put the old SIM card in and see them again? If so, you should be able to export them using the People or Contacts app. I suggest importing them to your Google account o you don't have this issue again.

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    06-19-2017 04:31 AM

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