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    I have a galaxy note 2 that i was keeping notes on using s note. I dropped the phone and the screen is completely black, but the phone still works. I failed to back anything up before all of this happened, and I do not know how to get my notes off. I tried smart switch but the s notes in galaxy note 2 are a old format and won't transfer. I tried hooking up a note 3 to smart switch, and it still wouldn't transfer. I tried everything. It seems i have three options. 1.) Find another note 2 to transfer 2.) Find a way to convert the .snb files to pdf or some format that my pc (microsoft) can read? (I need help with that) 3.) Get the screen fixed (but won't that wipe my notes?). Somebody please help me. If i can't get these notes i might as well give up on everything and work at mcdonalds
    06-19-2017 06:19 PM
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    Here is a short guide about converting those .snb files.


    No, repairing the screen should not wipe the device. Whoever does the repair would simply power down the device to install the new screen.

    Have you tried hooking the device directly up to a PC? Are you able to navigate through the file folders on the Note and pull the .snb files?
    06-20-2017 01:31 PM

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