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    So around a week or so ago, I started getting this unsupported SD card message. I have seen it in the past and simply reformatted the card since it was the only way to get the usable space back. Now, however, the phone will not format it. It tries and then delivers the message "command '7 volume partition disk: 179,0 public' failed with '400 7 Command failed'" Every time I attempt another reformat, the first and last number (7 above) increment by one.

    The first logical conclusion that I came to was that the SD card is corrupt or bad. So I took it out and with a reader, attempted to access it with my my Windows laptop. I could browse the card with no problem so I copied the data and then reformatted the card to FAT32. After reinserting into the phone, it still won't format and I get the above message.

    I, again, thought maybe it was the SD card so I tried another. Same thing....tried another....same thing. I've tried multiple cards no with no difference.

    The first SD card is a Transcend 32GB Class 10 card and the other cards I tried are all Samsung 8GB Class 10. The phone is running Android version 7.0.

    I have attempted the following with no change....factory reset, wiped the cache, booted into safe mode, and reformatting using by Windows DiskManagement (both quick and slow method) and GParted.

    A search of this forum returned a few hits related to this type of error message but no real resolution or cause. Everything is pointing back to the phone as the culprit, but I'm just not sure if it's software in nature or hardware. I'm hoping it's the first as that would lead me to believe there is a possible fix for it.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    06-19-2017 11:23 PM

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