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    My Verizon S6 64GB is about 2yrs old. And it tries to do a system update (Not software update) as soon as it's turned on. It freezes a few second upon starting. I either have to let the battery drain out or disconnect the battery from the logic board every time.
    I tried getting into recovery to wipe cache but it freezes on that screen as well. Button are unresponsive. Again have to disconnect the battery from inside.
    While the phone is completely off it turns on to the Samsung logo screen when I plug in the charger and freezes there too. Weird--it does the same when I connect it to the charger and the battery isn't even connected. Doesn't seem to be charging properly either. It holds a little bit of a charge after being plugged in for hours. Dies in like 5 min.
    Now it boots up to the recovery mode with the blue screen, yellow exclamation over slanted droid and the words....No Command. It freezes there.
    Does anyone know what could be wrong and whether or not I can retrieve my pictures from it? Thanks.
    06-20-2017 07:26 AM

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