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    I got the VR headset for pre-order and I purchased it on 4/29/17 which was okver a week past the purchase date yet I still did an offer claim form for the vr headset last week. but may be even though I didn't pay til after I did pre order I just couldn't pick it up til later. so did I get the vr simply because of my pre order so I didn't need as qualifying purchase? even though it says clearly that you need proof of qualifying purchase to obtain VR. still got it and if it was the same situation my second phone I bought 2 months later for a family member. we want the gear 360 for 49$ but I'm wondering if I should return the phone and wait for a new promo to start. I really wanted the gear 360 camera but I can wait til next promo when I don't need it and always take advantage of free stuff. I just think I might be out of the promo and if I can I'd keep the phone and submit the offer claim form as I did with the BE but I feel as if it's not going to happen since I have read nothing about it now. it's weird to not have any promotional deals going on at all right now. I bought the 2nd one and have 0 "gifts" from Samsung. seems odd even offer me something less and it would suffice bit seems like nothing is being offered at the moment.
    06-23-2017 01:01 AM

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