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    So i recently bought my first Android device ever, and so far things were pretty good. But now i found my first minor, but oh so bothersome issue. Wallpapers.No matter what app i use, are always in "zoom in" mode on a home screen. It does not matter if image is of recommended resolution size or bigger. Even default ones, and when set by default app, there still is noticeable difference between their preview and actual result on my home screen. Quick Google search shows that something like that was already present as early as 2011 and so far there is no unified solution to this problem. Various apps that were recommended in those threads(Image2Wallpaper, Wallpaper Wizardrii, QuickPic) did nothing to fix it. My device is "Prestigio MultiPad Color 2 3G", which also seems to go by the name of "Wallpaper MiltiPad Wize 3777 3G", Android version is 5.1.1, Kernel version 3.14.0.
    06-24-2017 08:06 AM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    You could try using a different launcher. Your issue is pretty weird though. Haven't seen that in years.
    06-24-2017 08:33 AM
  3. PillarOfAutumn's Avatar
    Huh, didn't even know that those existed, kinda thought all the fancy home screens i saw were just different Android builds or somesuch. Seems mighty obvious in hindsight. So far i tried these 3(all of them free, i am "cheap ***" sorta person):
    Apex Launcher - did not fix anything.
    Evie - while it fixed wallpaper scaling, Evie seems to be made for portrait mode, did not mesh well with my tablet in landscape. Icons and widgets were all wonky, smushed into eachother, looked very ugly, couldn't find settings to fix it. Changing numbers of rows and collumns or icon sizes, just fkd up everything into untangable mess.
    Arrow Launcher - "It is Microsoft product. Nuff said, right?" i thought, but things are looking good, at least thus far. One problem though,
    Edit: It appears that i have jinxed myself. Dunno what i did but foken resizing cropped up again. Custom images are being zoomed in instantly, and semi-default ones, those that appear when using Bing "Wallpaper" widget, those are getting scaled after period of 3-5 seconds. FML.
    when recent apps thingamajig are opened, background picture appears to be zoomed in as before. Which is annoying. But not critical. But still annoying. So i am not 100% satisfied with this solution.
    Can you recommend any other launchers, that are free and usable?
    06-24-2017 10:22 AM
  4. chanchan05's Avatar
    I'm using Nova (paid version).
    07-11-2017 09:47 AM

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