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    I upgraded my S5 to an S8+ about 4 weeks ago (on AT&T). A few weeks back, at about 5AM, my phone starts blaring an MP3 song (from my collection on the phone). I could not find any app that appeared to be playing it. Volume controls did not affect the playback and I ended up powering-off the phone to stop it. It's happened twice more since then, right around 5AM and playing the same MP3, although volume varies. I'm wondering if that has to do with the current volume setting when it starts?

    Today it happened again when I was looking at the phone, around 2:45pm. It was a different MP3 that played and I noticed a severe weather alert from the weather.com app I have installed - a-ha! The song stopped as soon as I clicked on the alert. The same song started again about 3:15pm, another alert from weather.com, stopped again when I clicked on the alert.

    I checked the app settings, I couldn't find a setting for alert sound. Anybody familiar with this and how I can change/silence it? I would still like the weather alerts, just not the sound.

    06-28-2017 04:47 PM

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