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    Okay I have an LG Phoenix 2 that I've had for just over two months up to this post and my AccuWeather widget on my home screen used to be clear or transparent so you can see the background showing through and now all of a sudden earlier today it started blurring the background and was wondering if there's something I could do to make it go back clear so my wife and I face on my wallpaper image underneath isn't being blurred by the widget the only other information I can think to give is that the phone does not have service call text Data nothing and I don't have no wifi so it hasn't been connected to any type of internet for some time so it hasn't done any updates or anything or been connected to any kind of Internet the only thing I did was went into display settings and changed it to Black Bold display setting and it made my background really dark and the text and icons brighter then when I changed it back to normal my home screen image and lock screen image was no longer the picture of my wife and I they were stock images so when I went back and changed it back to our image now all of a sudden the weather app is blurring the image underneath and I tried clearing data on apps and widgets and reset them in several different things and can't get it to go back clear

    Sorry everything is running together with no punctuation or anything I'm just an ***** which is another reason why I'm on here trying to figure out how to fix what is probably a simple problem
    07-01-2017 10:16 PM

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