1. AC Question's Avatar
    Last night i was on my phone,it was on 5 percent so i put it on charge. About five minuits later it turned off and wouldent turn back on. when i take it off charge its saying its charging. its the morning and its still playing up.
    07-03-2017 12:33 AM
  2. Matty's Avatar
    Welcome to AndroidCentral 😃 Hopefully we can get you sorted.

    The first thing I would recommend is never letting your battery go below 15%. Keeping it between 20% and 90% is the best. 😃

    What I would do is, turn the phone off completely and leave it on charge for about 2 hours and then while it's charging turn the phone on.

    The battery might have had a little "wobble" because it was so low. Also, what phone are you using?

    Hope this helps.
    07-03-2017 01:40 AM

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