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    There is an app for checking official Scrabble words (English, latest words), but , as far as I know, it is only available for Apple IOS operating system. This means if I want to use this word checker I have to buy an Apple iPhone, which I don't want to have to do as I have a perfectly good and latest model of smartphone, with Android version 7.

    This app needs to accept one or more words together for checking. It will advise as to whether one or more of them are not legal (but not which one/s). It will NOT display the meaning, as this gives information as to what can be added on to it, e.g. pluralising or not.
    07-03-2017 05:21 AM
  2. Matty's Avatar
    Welcome to AndroidCentral 😃

    Best advice would be to send an E-mail to the Developer and ask if there is an Android version in development or why there isn't one available. Sometimes developers don't have the resources to make an App for both platforms.
    07-03-2017 06:04 AM

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