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    I have purchased a new Galaxy S8 and when I connect the phone to my VW Discovery Media (gen. 2) SatNav, it works fine. However, there is one miner issue, that is bothering me: battery icon isn't visible on my SatNav display. Everything else (call/SMS icon, phone book, calls, etc.) works fine - just this little bug.

    Pervious to S8, I have both, IPhone 6 and 7 and the icon was visible all the time and I get used to that, to check battery status.

    I'm aware that this isn't big issue, but still I'll be very glad if someone knows the answer.

    BTW: I've try every different setting on SatNav and phone, try to unpaired and pair again, but nothing seems to work.

    Thanks all of you
    07-06-2017 12:26 PM

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