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    So in Aug 2015 I had my turbo "in a commuter otter box and a ballistic screen protector" charging . My text notification sounded so I grabbed my phone and started to walk with it . totally forgot it was plugged in. It snagged out of my hand and hit the floor I picked it up to see the text and my screen was completely white "webbed" peeled off and found the ballista glass wasn't broke it was the screen glass in the phone.......got replacement under one time replacement guarantee and charged 200 due to some defect idk . I couldn't connect to the server through the email I was sent..
    Didn't argue accepted the bill. vzw contract up in December 2015. 2nd turbo screen flickered for the longest time after receiving it. It finally went out and did the " Droid vibrate startup sequence repeatedly" same thing my other turbo did when it "shattered" .6 / 2017 purchased Droid ultra " in the box" .... After $1000'S in device purchases and $100.00'S plus in protective accessories and years of contracts and other devices with vzw/ Moto I've recently noticed the almost dead zone signal loss in my town. Always thought it had something to do with my turbo and 4g but I have Same signal problem with the ultra but is more "detailed" as I stream music and such from anywhere it's fine unless I get close to town. This never happened with my Droid X2 lol if that gives a time line.... I used to laugh at a family member who had a top line 4g phone that barely ever worked.
    Thanks in advance for any useful replies. Or ideas .. realistic or other wise .PS other carriers are just as bad here.or doesn't work at all.
    07-09-2017 12:34 AM

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