1. AC Question's Avatar
    hey guys help me my s6 edge isnt powering up when using the button the only way i can tell it still kind of works is when put on a wireless charger and the volume up power on and home button is pressed then the led light comes on white and slightly pinkish. there are no other signs it cant be powered up with that charger and it has a blank screen where no buttons work while the light is on please help me someone told me it could be the mother board but this is a slightly new phone, prior to this the phone was left to charge with another charger and never came back on thats when this problem occurred and the phone smell a little bit burnt
    07-15-2017 12:52 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Take it to repair shop. It should still be under warranty...
    07-15-2017 01:07 AM

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