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    My samsung Galaxy A5 2016 recently had an update, but now it is taking FOREVER to finally start. With an A5, you cannot take out the battery, so what do I do now? Its been over 2 hours.
    07-16-2017 03:50 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Take the phone to your carrier (to a company store, not an independent retailer - Best Buy [in the US] and Cellphone Warehouse [in the UK] being the exceptions, since they both have Samsung personnel in their stores) and ask if they can please reflash the update for you (just the update, not the entire ROM) without doing a factory reset. I had that happen to one phone, AT&T tried to reflash the update, even that failed, so they replaced the phone (they sent the update, so it's their liability, it's not a matter of warranty). Since I always have everything except system apps backed up, it was just a minor inconvenience (and half a day without being able to use the phone while it updated hundreds of apps and data) for me. Updates are one good reason to always have your entire phone backed up - downloaded apps included. (See Backing up an Android Device if you don't know how - Samsung's SmartSwitch doesn't back up the entire phone.)

    (Holding the power button in for about 30 seconds simulates pulling the battery, but if there's some problem in the phone that a reflash will fix but a restart won't, you could lose all your data and/or your downloaded apps. Save that for after you have a current backup of the phone.)
    07-16-2017 04:43 PM

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