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    After upgrading to Nougat, I cant transfer some apps to my 128gb SD card.

    I have an XPERIA XA ULTRA and I've recently upgraded to Nougat. When I upgraded, it caused a lot of problems in the file paths of apps which didn't get fixed by the re-installation of the apps. So I wiped the phone fresh to factory settings, then the file paths worked fine.

    Now, I have a new problem. I can't transfer 4 applications to my SD card while the rest of the applications that can be transferred were transferred without a problem.
    I can't transfer Airbnb (150MB), MS Word (238MB), Snapchat (152MB), and Onelab (139MB). I'm pretty sure they can be transferred because 1. I transferred those apps to my SD before upgrading to Nougat, and 2. Whenever I would attempt to change its storage, it prompts "unable to move app, not enough space".

    But my SD card has 80+Gigs of storage left! I don't know why this is happening. Is it because the apps are huge? Then why was I able to transfer them when I had Marshmallow. How do I fix this problem now?
    07-20-2017 01:53 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Just to be sure, use SD Insight to make sure that card is valid, and not counterfeit. Be aware that SD Insight might not be fully compatible with Nougat devices, though.
    07-20-2017 04:48 PM
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    Also be aware that you aren't just moving the app, you're transferring small pieces of the app, then leaving links in internal storage to the place that piece of the app sits on the SD card. That means a lot of links, taking up a lot of space.

    Setting the card to be adoptable storage might be better in your case - then the card is just "tacked on" to internal storage, and a full app can be installed on the card. (The downsides are that you can't put anything on the SD card - you no longer have an external SD card [as far as Android is concerned] and you can't use the card to transfer files to and from the phone.)
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    07-20-2017 05:49 PM

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