01-03-2019 01:35 AM
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  1. Nate1999's Avatar
    I too have an issue with this as well. It only happens when im trying to play a game on chrome or watch a video on chrome. I am getting eid if chrome. It sucks anyways. Like seriously. I cant even download it without it failing or get stuck. And it is slowwww. Its a piece of s**t browser that google needs to fix
    03-02-2018 08:35 PM
  2. karma fighter's Avatar
    I found a way to fiX this all I did was turn on and off my headphones repeatedly
    and it went away
    03-11-2018 07:54 PM
  3. OSMclaire's Avatar
    My Kindle fire makes this exact noise, as does the one belonging to my stepson. It sounds like the singularity is hacking into my brain when I've got a podcast turned up at anything above the lowest volume available. It physically hurts. I'm glad I found this thread, the last time I googled this noise there was not as thorough a compilation of the phenomenon.
    04-06-2018 12:23 PM
  4. Ayamuri's Avatar
    I'm so thrilled I'm not alone in this and others are sharing their experiences. I did a search on this maybe a year ago and got squat. Late 2017 or early 2018, I even made a post about it on CNET but no one replied to me.

    I have a two year old HTC Desire 626s and a cheap pair of Bluetooth Skullcandy headphones. I too have narrowed this issue down to being with Chrome but more specifically, it's only when I browse websites with Chrome. For example, checking my email does nothing. I just went to a website to look at lyrics while listening to Spotify however and it gave a stab of static in my ears.

    If I use CNET, it will crackle. Not all websites do it, I don't think, but many will. And if I turn off the headset, yep, it comes through the speaker until I either turn Bluetooth off completely or I restart the phone. Every great now and then, it might crackle when I'm watching YouTube but Chrome might be in the background and that's why. It's almost always in the background but except those times with YouTube, it almost always happens while I'm actively using the app.

    I thought it was my cheap phone from Metro PCS but it's sad and yet relieving to see even flagship phones are having this problem.

    Now that it seems we've gotten a general idea that this may be related to Chrome, we should all band together to find a way to report this. I'll be happy to hunt around and if I do find a way, I'll see if I can make a quick link to it here so everyone can use it. If anyone here uses social media, maybe put something there so viewers can request this be looked at. I enjoy Chrome and use it on my dinosaur of a laptop still running Vista (as you can tell by my cheap phone from a cheap company, I most certainly don't have money for much tech, lol). Firefox was my love but it's not handled me still being on Vista as well as Chrome and it's nice to have my information from my phone synced to my laptop.
    04-11-2018 04:03 AM
  5. pansat1997's Avatar
    I believe that is caused when the phone is downloading data I've had the same experience driving in my car I've also had it on a phone with the headphones on. Right now it's happening on my Android phone using Plex as a remote player right at the beginning of every song I'm getting this static noise and then it goes away after a few seconds.
    05-15-2018 03:44 PM
  6. bestfootie's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. I also have a pair of top of the range Bose QuietComfort 35(ii) Bluetooth headphones.

    I've had this exact problem for about a year when I got the headphones. I sent the headphones back as I thought it was an issue with them (I'd just bought them). This has continued though. I only today realised it must be to do with the phone as I heard it when headphones weren't on!

    When I'm listening to loud music suddenly BANG this static noise for a second blasts my eardrums. Painful I actually yell and it deafens me a bit. It's ******* dangerous. What the **** are they doing?? When will this be sorted FFS!!!?
    01-03-2019 01:35 AM
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